How Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionise Asia’s Commercial Real Estate Sector

Asia’s commercial real estate sector is ripe for digital disruption. Economic growth in Asia Pacific continues to look good – at least from the macro perspective. In 2017, the overall GDP of APAC economies registered a steady 4.5 percent growth. It is  positive that growth will continue in 2018. However, warning bells are beginning to

How Technology Can Shape the Future of Commercial Real Estate in Singapore

Technology is a disruptive force and it is prevalent in the retail sector in Singapore. Many offline retailers have experienced numerous challenges in recent years causing a dent in the real estate sector. Shopping malls here are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain visitor footfalls or encourage in-store purchases. Online competitors like Taobao, Amazon, and

[CASE STUDY] How a Shopping Mall Operator Saves Over $100,000 In 3 Months

Technology has transformed the retail scene in Singapore. However, tenancy and leasing processes between mall operators and tenants have remained stagnant for decades. Relying on age-old methods of signing and keeping paper documents or manual spreadsheets, they involve gaining approvals from multiple levels of management and intermediaries. Costs are also high due to the need

Mr Gaurang Torvekar has joined Real Estate Doc as Blockchain Advisor.

Gaurang Torvekar CEO, Indorse  Blockchain Advisor We are pleased to announce that Mr Gaurang Torvekar (link:  from Indorse has joined Real Estate Doc as a Blockchain Advisor.   Gaurang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Indorse, a decentralised skills validation platform. He has been involved in the blockchain field for the past 2.5 years and

Mr David Moskowitz , has joined Real Estate Doc as Advisor

David Moskowitz  Indorse  Blockchain Advisor David is the Director and Co-Founder of Indorse, a decentralised skills validation platform. David is definitely no stranger to the blockchain space, having successfully founded a Bitcoin exchange, Coin Republic, in 2013 and successfully selling it in 2015.  David is also an active member of the blockchain community in Singapore.

Releases Blockchain Demo (Stage 1) for Commercial Leasing is pleased to announce the release of our Blockchain Demo (Stage 01) for commercial leasing.
This shows a sample digital contract creation with digital signing while capturing the actions on the contract through an audit trail.
Our team has also designed how proof-of-existence should look like for commercial leasing contracts to allow for easy commercialisation of